Protesting Mastoideus

Aint No Sunshine


End of the day

Now it's time to quit for the day. The kettle is simmering on the stove and my daughter is waiting impatiently for the modem and Internet access. It is time to resolve that issue in a better way it feels like. Perhaps I can consider the best solution while I enjoy a cup of Earl Grey. Then I'll take a shower too. It will be nice. I like to curl up in bed newly showered. I will rest for a while on my bed of nails. It is a good relaxation for a tired body after a long workday. It's ...

play dates

In the last week before school starts and dad is back to work again, I really don’t have a plan for during daytime. And each morning I hear the same question: “What are we going to do today? “. And each time I answer that I don’t know it yet. I want to make my house clean and what doing the laundry after 5 weeks of holiday?  But I rest my case because after 2 days I know it is better to wait until they are at school. Then I am in charge of our house again. Meanwhile I’m making ...